The Decora Group is a leading international manufacturer of flooring and flooring accessories.




German subsidiary as a specialist in the field of underlays.

  • professional solutions for all floating installations
  • easy installation
  • high technical reliability with long product life




Every day, hundreds of our employees strive to offer the best and most technologically advanced solutions under the EWIFOAM brand.


We always offer added value with our products, we offer the best solutions and we are always one step ahead of the competition


The best in every field need passion and commitment to get to the top. Nothing is impossible for us.

Manufacturing, development and quality

We promote solutions that increase durability and comfort of use, both thermally and acoustically. We rely on global design trends and the latest technical solutions developed in our laboratory. Member of the EPLF (Association of European Laminate Flooring Manufacturers) and MMFA (Multilayer Modular Flooring Association)

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Which acoustic insulation underlay for quiet rooms?

If you have decided to buy the vinyl floor, you now need to make a choice that will have an impact on whether you are satisfied with this floor in the future. Underlay is an invisible element hidden under the vinyl floor, so we don't attach much importance to it. And that's a big mistake. The underlay fulfills a protective function for vinyl floors. Thanks to the right hardness and flexibility, it protects the floor from micro-damage. Put more simply, the underlay plays a role of a shock absorber that protects the whole floor. Without underlay, the particularly sensitive parts of the floorboards, such as click locking system, can quickly break.


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