Vinyl click flooring underlays

If you have decided to buy vinyl flooring, pay special attention to the type of underlay. Underlay is an invisible element that is hidden under the floorboard, but like building a house, it forms the foundation of the entire floor.

↓ Thermal requirement

↓ Acoustic comfort

↓ Strength parameters

↓ Strength parameters

Because the underlays for vinyl flooring has a protective function for the floor planks.

Due to the appropriate hardness and flexibility, it protects the floor from micro-damage. In more down-to-earth analogies, underlay acts as a shock absorber that protects our entire floor. Without them, particularly sensitive areas such as click system locking can quickly deteriorate. It is worth choosing underlay from proven European manufacturers, because they are a guarantee of quality. Invisible and unobtrusive underlayment for vinyl floors is an element that either keeps our vinyl floors looking beautiful for longer or, on the contrary, can quickly damage them. Therefore, when choosing underlay, you should not make any compromises and rely on quality and proven properties.


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