Home Laminate underlay EWIFOAM UNIVERSOL 1000 3in1 - Laminate underlay

EWIFOAM UNIVERSOL 1000 3in1 - Laminate underlay

Underfloor heating

Floor unit

bis zu 0.006 m K/W

Thermal comfort

Thermal requirement


Acoustic comfort

Reflected walking sound

bis zu 20 %

Impact sound reduction

bis zu 16 dB

Strength parameters

Compressive strength

up to 310 kPa (class CS3)

Punctual conformability

up to 1,2 mm (class PC2)

Dynamic load endurance

>2 500 000 cycles (class DL3)

Impact stress

up to ≤1000 mm (class RLB2)


Moisture insulation

>150 m




PU+minerals+ PET


1.5 mm


8000 mm


1000 mm

Quantity in the package

8 m2

EWIFOAM UNIVERSOL 1000 3in1 - Laminate underlay

Is a high quality product with a thickness of 1.5 mm. The presented UNIVERSOL 1000 underlay is intended for laminate floors, engineered wood and solid wood. The product is characterized by a very high level of sound insulation of the floor in the room, which improves the acoustic comfort of the interior. It is suitable for underfloor heating and has the lowest coefficient of thermal resistance. In addition, the underlay for laminate and wood can also be used in heavily frequented rooms due to its high CS coefficient.

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