Home Laminate underlay EWIFOAM UNIVERSOL Akustik (3.0) - Laminate underlay

EWIFOAM UNIVERSOL Akustik (3.0) - Laminate underlay

Underfloor heating

Floor unit

bis zu 0.01 m K/W

Thermal comfort

Thermal requirement


Acoustic comfort

Reflected walking sound

bis zu 30 %

Impact sound reduction

bis zu 21 dB

Strength parameters

Compressive strength

up to 100 kPa (class CS2)

Punctual conformability

up to 2,3 mm (class PC3)

Dynamic load endurance

>2 500 000 cycles (class DL3)

Impact stress

up to ≤1000 mm (class RLB2)


Moisture insulation





Pu + minerals


3 mm


5000 mm


1000 mm

Quantity in the package

5 m2

EWIFOAM UNIVERSOL Akustik (3.0) - Laminate underlay

Universol Akustik is a 3mm thick underlay. The presented model is used for soundproofing the floor in a room, providing high acoustic comfort. The underlay has a very high value of CS parameter and can be used in high-traffic areas. UNIVERSOL Akustik underlay is a quick and easy-to-install product that increases the comfort of the floor. Thanks to its properties, it is a underlay that can be used in many rooms of a house.

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